What and Who We Want to Be

Let's face it:

You spend a lot of time at work. How engaged you feel when you’re here is important. When you enjoy what you’re doing, when you know it’s important — that’s when you give your best.

And your best means better business results for us all.

It’s time to get excited. For what’s happening right now. For what’s in our future.

Just like innovation, our work is never done. There is no finish line. Our work is constant, evolving — and it will differentiate our company against our toughest competitors.

Why? Because we’re bold. We’re focused.

How do we know we can do it?

Because we already have. When we talk about The Connected Enterprise, and our vision for us and our customers, it’s happening today. Together, we are delivering on the promise.

You’re innovating. You’re discovering. You’re thinking about things in a way that no one else is — and we need your thoughts, your originality, your unique view.

We’ve already proven that we’re leaders. We recently shared key elements of who we are and what makes Rockwell Automation a trusted and valued partner. But now we are proudly telling that story — and each of us has a role in it.

Our vision becomes so much clearer when you share your feedback and experiences with us. Our future is yours to write.

The Connected Enterprise


Our Best Kept Secret


What now?

Your feedback will be put to use over the next year (and beyond). We look forward to celebrating the things that make our company great and working on areas of opportunity.

Rockwell Automation is great because of the people in it. We want to share your experiences and victories throughout the year! Tell us your stories and we can share and inspire others. Click below to submit your story, photo or video on your experience.


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